The Wisdom of Planning Ahead

In today’s busy world, we are constantly reminded to plan well for our future. It’s possible that you have already prepared your living trust, planned your financial estate, set up a retirement account and maybe started a college fund for your children or grandchildren. All this will ensure that those you love will be well taken care of if anything should happen to you. How important is it, then, to plan ahead for an inevitable need?

Planning your funeral and/or cremation services in advance will not only allow you to guide the look and feel of your service, but it will also free your family from wondering what your wishes would be; allowing them time to support one another, share their memories and begin their journey of healing.

Now is the time to have this discussion with your family, not while you are in crisis. End of life planning is more about living well and it’s easier than you may think. Bringing family together for an honest conversation about your plans and wishes is the first step. We consistently see that families who take this walk together have greater peace of mind knowing that every detail has been discussed and taken care of.

The Practical Benefits

Protect Your Family. Without a doubt, the most important reason for making arrangements in advance is to spare your family the financial responsibility of doing so. This certainly reduces the stress for family and friends at an already emotional time.

It Can Save Money. Funding your arrangements in advance through an independent funeral insurance policy can secure the costs of services and some of the memorial products at today’s prices and guarantees that the costs will never increase.

Lets Your Wishes Be Known. You may have specific wishes as to how you want to be memorialized. Advance planning will allow you to let your wishes be known about the type of funeral or cremation arrangement you want and will lift the burden of those difficult decisions from your family.

Fully Transferable Policy. Should you move out of the area, the assigned insurance policies death benefit and the irrevocable funds are fully transferable to a funeral home of your choice in another city, state or country.

Travel Assistance. Should your death occur while you are traveling anywhere in the United States or abroad, our professional staff will assist with filing the appropriate paperwork to have you transported back to Wylie Funeral Homes PA. This will spare your family the logistics of arranging transportation and legal paperwork, saving them thousands of dollars.

When To Plan Ahead. The best time is now, while you are thinking about it. We all want to think that there is plenty of time to prepare, but like any future need, being well educated will provide you with the insight to make good decisions in advance without undue stress and unwanted spending. The benefits are significant and the peace-of-mind you will have is priceless. It truly is a gift you give your family.

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