Season 1: Introduction

Who is Dr. Tash

Welcome to Operation HEAL.This series will focus on grief counseling and Dr. Tash has all the tools you can use to apply to your life!

Ep 1: Personal Grief

In our first episode of Operation HEAL, Dr. Tash tackles the stages of grief and how to handle those stages of grief.

Deeper Dive 1

Here is a quick recap of the stages of grief.

Deeper Dive 3

Dr. Tash decides to take a deeper dive into what self care is and why it is so important during grief.

Ep 4 Operation HEAL: "Healing"

It’s time to HEAL! On this episode of Operation HEAL, Dr. Tash begins our walk into the process of healing from our grief.

Deeper Dive 4

Dr. Tash gives us a deeper dive into how to cope with someone suddenly and tragically.

Ep 2: Cultural Grief

On this episode of Operation HEAL, Dr. Tash talks about several ways to begin the healing phases of cultural grief, so our future generations do not have to go through our hurt.

Deeper Dive 2

Dr. Tash gives us a deeper look into her own personal experience with grief.

Ep 3 Operation HEAL: "Last Responders"

In our third episode of Operation HEAL, Dr. Tash speaks to our “Last Responders”.

Ep 5 Operation HEAL: "Cultural Healing"

It’s important we make sure our future generations do not suffer from our suffering. Dr. Tash gives a breakdown of why Cultural Healing is important for our people!

Deeper Dive 5

Dr. Tash gives us a deeper dive into Cultural Healing.

Ep 6 Operation HEAL: "Applying Pressure"

On this episode of Operation HEAL, Dr. Tash talks about several ways to continue the healing process by “Applying Pressure”.

Deeper Dive 6

Dr. Tash gives us a deeper dive into: How do we get over our fear of seeing a doctor or counselor?

Season 2: Thanksgiving

S2 Operation HEAL: Ep 1 "Setting the Table"

With Thanksgiving, we often gather with friends and family for feast, however, this year may look different due to the loss of a loved one.

S2: Ep 1 Deeper Dive

Can I tell stories of my loved one?

S2 Operation HEAL: Ep 2 "The Photo Tribute"

Dr. Tash gives us a way to celebrate the memory of a loved one in a visual way!

S2: Ep 2 Deeper Dive

How do I eat?

S2 Operation HEAL: Ep 3 "Their Favorite Food"

Can I tell stories of my loved one?

S2: Ep 3 Deeper Dive

What if my family is not getting along?

Season 3: Christmas

S3 Operation HEAL: Ep 1 "Coping with Christmas"

S3: Ep 1 Deeper Dive

S3 Operation HEAL: Ep 2 "Old Traditions"

S3: Ep 2 Deeper Dive

S3 Operation HEAL: Ep 3 "New Traditions"

S3: Ep 3 Deeper Dive

Season 4: New Years

S4 Operation HEAL: Ep 1 "You Survived!""

S4: Ep 1 Deeper Dive "Proper Comfort"

S4 Operation HEAL: Ep 2 "New Year, New You? No!"

S4: Ep 2 Deeper Dive "Hiding Grief"

S4 Operation HEAL: Ep 3 "You Deserve to Heal"

S4: Ep 3 Deeper Dive "Breakup"

“The Black Man’s Mind”

"The Black Man's Mind" : Tsanonda Edwards

"The Black Man's Mind" : Anthony Brayboy

"The Black Man's Mind" : Rodney Motes

“A Black Woman’s Mind”

Ciera Armwood "The Black Woman's Mind"

Sophia Peaks "A Black Woman's Mind"

Brandi Proctor "A Black Woman's Mind"

Hope for the Holidays

Wylie Funeral Homes Presents: Hope For The Holidays

Grief Support

A Partnership with Gilchrist Hospice

Mourning the death of a loved one is a deeply personal experience and one of our primary goals at Wylie Funeral Homes, PA is to assist families who are going through the very necessary process of grieving. We know from our work with families that grief is a natural response to losing a loved one and we are here for you as you begin your journey through grief, so we work to offer your family the very best in grief services. Our belief is that there is hope for healing and the potential for joy as your family moves forward.

We only work with the very best in grief services, so we sought experts whose focus is steeped in helping families to develop strength, resilience and coping skills. Partnering with Gilchrist Hospice Care allows us the opportunity to do just that with a partner that believes in the importance of offering much needed care. With comprehensive services ranging from grief counseling, support groups and workshops to retreats, special events and memorial services they facilitate the services your family may need during this difficult time. With exceptional services offered in Baltimore City, Towson, Hunt Valley, Columbia, Forest Hill, and Dundalk, this partnership allows us to ensure the highest quality support services in a thoughtful and accessible way.

For families whose loved one was cared for by Gilchrist, counseling is offered at no charge. For those families cared for by Wylie Funeral Homes, P.A. and other families in the community, the first session is at no charge, and the following sessions are offered at a reasonable fee.

Other Resources

General Resources for all loss and all ages

Death of a child


Loss from suicide

Loss of someone in the Armed Services

This is just small selection of organizations that assist individuals in dealing with the grief process. Your hospice center, health department, spiritual leader, local hospital, insurance, or employer may be able to offer additional information about other resources in your area.

Contact Dr. Tash

About Dr. A'tasha Christian, LMHP

Dr. A’tasha M. Christian is a native of New Kent, Virginia and graduated from Morgan State University in 2003 with a B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology. She then received her Master’s in Criminal Justice from VCU. Dr. Christian obtained her M.A. in Professional Counseling in June 2013 from South University – Richmond and her Doctorate of Education in Counselor Education and Supervision from Argosy University, Northern Virginia in August 2017. Dr. Christian has 15 years of experience working with children, adolescents and adults with a myriad of diagnoses such as bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, ADHD, trauma and addictions. Dr. Christian’s clinical work is based largely in the community, especially within marginalized communities. Presently, Dr. Christian is employed as Director of Operations for a community- based mental health agency and adjunct faculty at George Mason University. Additionally, she is branching out into new territory and establishing her own consultant agency, AMC Consulting LLC.

Her research interests include intersectionality and diversity, intergenerational trauma and treating and advocating for communities of color and other marginalized communities. Dr. Christian served as a member of the American Counseling Association’s Cultural Encounters Task Force and has presented nationally and locally. Additionally, Dr. Christian is the President of the Virginia Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development and is also an active member of the International Association of Addictions and Offender Counselors.

Dr. Christian is an avid supporter of culturally-sensitive treatment for marginalized communities and believes in the importance of intentional inclusivity to ensure that communities that are often overlooked are given a voice.

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