Michelle Smith/ Chilean M. Smith Jr.

It’s Been almost 14 years since my husband passed and I wanted you to know to this people are still talking about how handsome Coy looked. They are consistently praising of your staff not only on Coy but the entire service. As his widow with 3 small children at the time of his death you made me feel like I was the only thing that matter. I truly appreciate all that hard work and time that you took with me and my family. The customer service was out of this world. I can’t thank Brandon Wylie¬† for helping me dodge bullets and he took charge of making sure Coy looked his Best. My children who were 13, 7 and 5 said their dad looked like he was sleep. Mr. Wylie, Brandon and the entire staff I love you all from the bottom of heart. Thank you , Thank you, Thank you for a job well done!!!!!!