Kimei Family (Tanzania)

Our mother- V.B.Kimei passed on to glory on February 28th, 2019 (1 month to date). She wanted to get buried next to her husband in Tanzania. The family was in disarray and we started looking around for a Funeral home that had experience with international shipment of human remains. We called Wylie around 11am the day she passed and they welcomed us for a tour around 1230noon. We arrived at 1245pm and met with Tabitha who had an appointment at 1PM. She discussed the services, kept calm while watching her time for her 1PM appointment. She managed to review services, do a rough estimate, and even show us some caskets within 15 mins. We left and went to a competitor for a 2pm appointment. The person we met had time constraints as well but was very rigid, kept insisting we set up another appointment while there was no time for another appointment. We went back to Wylie at 3PM and booked their service to get our mother. They were in the hospital by 4:30PM. The rest of our experience was completely reflective of that first person we met-Tabitha. Organized, compassionate, extremely professional. We worked with Brandon who was very calm and collected with our family, didn’t promise the world but he delivered, on time. He presented dynamic and passionate about a smooth experience with his team. We managed to get mom’s body home within 6 days (record fast). They worked hard to make sure we beat this tight deadline. They worked fast with the airlines and remained cooperative with us throughout the process. We highly recommend Wylie for their professionalism on all aspects of the funeral business. We pray for continued success to each and every person working for this institution.