Deacon Steve Roscher

My expression of gratitude goes out to the team at Wylie Funeral Home, Randallstown, and especially to your staff member, Gary, for the comfort and assistance offered to the family of Beverly Booker, and to me as the presider at the funeral service. Whenever a clergy person is in the position to preside at a service of a parishioner’s deceased loved one, you want to make sure that it all goes smoothly and in the spirit of the occasion. Gary was of great assistance to me to ensure that the service proceeded in an orderly and timely fashion that fulfilled the expectations of the family. Each funeral home operation may have certain things that they do differently than other establishments and the clergy/presider wants to proceed without a glitch. Gary did a great job of making sure that everything was conducted like clockwork, and did so in an efficient and thoughtful manner. Many thanks and may God bless.