Importance of Ceremony

Family and community
supporting one another

Bringing family and friends together at a time of
loss is common; most of us long for the comfort of companionship during life’s difficult moments.

Creating a ceremony gives shape, voice and color to our feelings and satisfies our innate desire to honor those we love.

A ceremony, uniquely designed to celebrate the life journey of your loved one, is the first step in healing for your circle of family and friends and is a gift to everyone who participates. There are many ways to honor one’s life. In fact, your choices are limited only by your imagination. Here are two important things to reflect upon: the ceremony itself and whether you choose burial or cremation.

Traditional Funeral Services

A traditional funeral service denotes the physical presence of the body at the service and involves three primary components.
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Cremation Services

Cremation services are an option that we extend to families for their loved one. In order to make the choice of cremation, we believe that complete transparency and accountability during the cremation process is essential.
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Signature Services

Wylie Funeral Homes has a signature style that immediately sets us apart from other funeral homes. Each of these signature products and services are designed to provide you with additional options that will help you appropriately memorialize your loved one.
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Veteran Services

We believe that it is our responsibility to honor the sacrifices and celebrate the achievements of our veterans as they are heroes who have contributed to the preservation of the freedoms we enjoy today.
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Your Floral Tributes can be as distinct as your loved one’s life — totally unique or very simple.

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