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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I bring shoes for my loved one?

Answer from Dededrick Rivers:

If your loved one is being buried in a full couch casket, shoes are required. If not, shoes are optional. You are welcomed to do whatever feels comfortable for you. Some families provide shoes, others socks or slippers.

Do you have a payment plan?

Answer from Dededrick Rivers:

No. We do not offer a payment plan at the time of making arrangements, however we are able to customize a package to fit almost every budget. You may also be able to use an enforced insurance policy or credit card for payment.

When is payment due for my loved one’s funeral service?

Answer from Dededrick Rivers:

Payment is due at least 48 hours prior to the family visitation/viewing.

Can our hairstylist/barber groom my loved one?

Answer from Dededrick Rivers:

Yes. A licensed styling professional may attend to your loved one.

Do the clothes I provide for my loved one need to be new?

Answer from Brandon Wylie

No, they do not need to be new. They just need to be clean.

How does someone become a funeral director?

Answer from Anthony Brayboy

There are both two year Associate Degrees as well as four year degree programs. Once school is complete, one must pass the National Board exam which covers topics such as embalming, legal matters and business operations. Additionally, most states require at least one year of apprenticeship before a license can be issued.

Will I get my loved one's jewelry back?

Answer from Anthony Brayboy

Yes. At the family’s request any or all jewelry can be returned to the family.

Can I send someone to the funeral home to do my loved ones hair?

Answer from Anthony Brayboy

Yes, as long as they have a valid cosmetology/barber license.

Can I see my love one?

Answer from Devin Conner:

You’ll have an opportunity to see your love one after they’ve been prepared.

Will you call me once my loved gets to the funeral home?

Answer from Devin Conner:

Yes. We will call you to let you know that your loved one is under our care.

How much and how frequent are payments on prearrangement accounts?

Answer from Devin Conner:

Payments are to up to your discretion. We just ask that your initial payment be at least one hundred dollars accompanied by your social security card.

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